AQUATEX OMAN is one of the most distinctive and comprehensive water event in Oman showcasing latest technologies in the water and wastewater management sector. AQUATEX OMAN is intended as a perfect gateway for stakeholders from across the globe to penetrate into the vast and dynamic ecosystem of the Sultanate of Oman’s water industry to share business opportunities, network and explore innovative water solutions. The exhibition provides an ideal platform for key decision makers within the industry, allowing major equipment importers, distributors and agents to network and discuss new business opportunities in this quickly evolving industry in Sultanate and nearing countries.

Oman has only about 1 cubic km of renewable water resources and as a result its per capita freshwater withdrawal is only 529 cubic meter per capita per year (CIA Fact book). It has no surface water to speak of, and as a result relies heavily on groundwater and desalination. Of a total of 168 M m3 of water used each year, 114 M m3 is derived from groundwater, 55 M m3 comes from desalination, and 12 Mm3 from reclaimed wastewater that is collected and reused for municipal landscape irrigation. It is estimated that, three-fourths of the supply returns to the hydrological cycle as wastewater or through pipe network leakage. Oman has a wastewater treatment capacity of over 100,000 cubic meters per day, and is currently constructing more wastewater treatment plants, with an estimated 230,000 cubic meter per day of new capacity to be built shortly.

In Oman, 85% of tap water presently consumed, comes from sea water, which is desalinated by desalination plants located throughout the country. In 2035 water networks will have to more than triple in order to supply piped water to more than 90% of the Omani population. The water demand in the Sultanate of Oman in the last few years has increased in total of 15% per year– as a result of the robust economic and demographic growth in the country.

Currently, the significant lineup of multi-billion water desalination projects and waste water treatment projects has been attracting a lot of investment in new infrastructure. Further, the government’s decision to move away from publicly owned utility segments has resulted in a host of opportunities for the private sector.
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