Stand Options

Stand Options Open Space Shell Scheme Out Door Space
Investment per Sq Mtr. 125 OMR / 325 USD 135 OMR / 350 USD 50 OMR / 145 USD
Deliverables Stand Area (Minimum 18 Sqm )
Space only will be marked area inside the venue to design and construct your own stall. Approval of stall design from organizer is a must.
Stand Area (Minimum 9 Sqm)
Wall panels, 1 table, 2 chairs, carpet, and fascia board (max. 30 letters), 2 spotlights (100 watts each), 1 double socket (240 volts, 13amps, single phase, 200 watts max use)
Stand Area (Minimum 36 Sqm)
Outside space only is marked area at the entrance, outside the venue.